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Complete User Guide

What is? A quick overview. is the best place to find construction and home industry related service providers. Whether you are starting at zero or searching maintenance services for the current establishment, you can find genuine service providers in Tegola. We classify all the major services into three main classes: Start Building, Make Improvements and Keep Maintaining.

In the Start Building class, you can find services that you may require at the early stage of your project. Architecting, interior designing, design & build firms are some of them. In Make Improvements you will find services needed at the middle stage of your project (i.e. when you are going to improve your project) such as pantry designers, custom furniture designers, wall artists and so much more. Services under Keep Maintaining come in handy when you need electricians, masons or plumbers to fix something for you. also classifies all the service providers into three main categories as Professionals, Companies, and Individuals. When someone searches for a service provider, platform shows available service providers in relevant categories. Let's assume you searched for an Interior designing service. Then you will come up with results from professionals and companies. That is because both categories provide this service. Then you can adjust the filters to get results only from either professionals or companies.

The platform allows service providers to maintain their online profiles, showcasing their previous projects and experiences. A profile acts similar to a personal website, without the costs and troubles of maintaining one.

Fresh graduates and undergraduates are also allowed to maintain their profiles in for free, marking their presence to industry professionals and selected design-related companies. That they can undertake mini projects from industry experts to improve up their knowledge and industry awareness.

That was a very simple overview of what we do. If you'd like to get in touch, contact us.

Our mission

We empower Sri Lankan people, personal brands and organizational brands who contribute to the construction and home industry of Sri Lanka; to build a sustainable environment with a country free of suboptimal constructions. We ensure their fully accessible online presence by maintaining a web platform where the hidden talents are exposed to those who find it useful.

Our vision

To be the one place that fulfils all your construction and home industry needs, establishing the largest online directory and service-based platform dedicated to the construction and home industry, building a safe and reliable place to hire & consult genuine service providers in Sri Lanka.

Why us?

We believe there should be no need for hidden creativity and talents in this digital era. We believe all the good design stories deserve to be admired, inspiring the people to live a sustainable and peaceful life. We believe that by having an accessible and dedicated web platform, having genuine service providers at our fingertips, we all can win together by building a virtual platform for the construction industry in Sri Lanka.

Who are we?

We are none other than humans who believe in a sustainably built Sri Lanka. We celebrate the well-designed and built constructions and inspire people to establish a trend in Sri Lanka to go with only sustainable building materials, technologies, and designs.

Our venture was founded in 2021 by five founding members with an engineering background. They came up with the same values, inspiring each other to stick together around a single vision, to power as it is today.

The venture is owned by Heavenz Technologies (Pvt) Ltd (PV00213034). The company launched the publication which acts as an online magazine for the construction industry ensuring industry awareness within the general public at no cost. This initiative was very much appreciated by many industry professionals such as Architects, Interior designers, civil engineers, etc. It was also our honour to partner with many private and state events to ensure industry awareness within the general public, as their official online magazine partner.

It's our passion to build innovative digital products to fulfil industry needs, making our lives simpler and finding ways where we can win together. We believe that will also fulfil a massive gap that was unnoticed in the industry. This will create a platform where the real talents of Sri Lanka are public and admired.