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What are the features listed in company plans?


Categories are the next selection you have to make after pricing plans. You must select at least one category to continue into next step. The number of categories allowed to select is depending on your current plan. In our homepage the services in dropdown menus represents these categories. And almost of all these categories are divided into subcategories to select the exact services you serve.


Publish Projects

Publishing projects have several advantages in Tegola. The main thing is that increases the ranking of your profile and helps to rank in higher positions in search results, hence higher traffic in to your profile. In the other hand clients can filter results according to projects. So the more projects you publish the more possibility to attract clients into your profile. But always note that quality is above quantity. So make sure you publish quality projects with high-quality images and always be serious when filling details about your project. In that way, you will be able to get the best out of our service.

Publish Projects

You can add projects under each category you selected after login into your account. The maximum number of projects allowed to add is depending on your membership type.

Images Per Project

You can add several images to each project. So that potential clients can open your project and check out project images. They will also decides the number of clicks you get into your profile in project filter category. So make sure you use real and attractive images of your projects.


Adding awards to your company profile shows clients not only your professionalism but also they tends to trust about your services. But always you need to be genuine not to publish fake awards to attract customers which would eventually reduce the ranking of your profile.


You can add or remove awards after login into your account.

Company Certifications

You can add your company certifications into your profile. Let your clients see that you are a serious service provider who follows industry standards.

Company Certifications

Once you add certifications when creating profile, you can add or remove them whenever you login to your profile.

Featured images are the players which attracts clients into your profile. These images are the first unique images your clients see when they search through a category.

Featured Images

Custom Share Images

Anyone can share your profile through social media platforms. This increases the number of visitors to your account. What if you could have a custom images which appears in sharing links. Yeah, now it's possible with custom share image feature. The image includes your profile picture, cover picture and your company name.

Now you can add your social media links and company website link to your profile. It increases traffic to your website and if a client needs to know more about your company sure, they'll visit your social media links and website.


If you have several branches for your company, you can add their locations when you create profile. So when a client searches for service providers in those areas, they'll surely reach you out.


Add Google Map location

You can locate your company location in google map. So in mobile, a client can simply open up your company location in google maps. That makes it more easier for them to find your place.

Add Google Map Location

Get Your Profile Saved

Clients can save your profile and projects if they are interested about them. So they can keep them for later references. So once you add a project think twice before delete it. That might have been saved by a client to contact you later.

Saved Profiles


For some selected categories our account holders are able to outsource their works for design apprentice. This helps to ensure the industry connection between freshers and the industry. And also freshers can expose into the industry while they are studying.


Luxury account badge

For our Luxury account holders, A Luxury badge will be added to their profile in search results. This unique additional feature will help to take the attention of clients at a glance.

Luxury Badge

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