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Why should I get a paid membership?

Yes, to create and maintain a Company Account in Tegola you need to have a paid membership. But why?

Unlike other industries, in construction industry we believe that almost of all the services are once for lifetime services. In other words we don't frequently get those services but occasionally. As an example if we publish a social media post about new fashion styles and boost it to get more reach absolutely you'll have potential buyers. people tends to buy it just because of their looks and they are simply affordable.

But in construction industry the story is a bit different. it's not like you see a social media photos of a beautiful house and simply you are going to build it. The scenario is different here. it's like a client starts search for companies and professionals once they have money and ready to get the services. And also since the chargers for these services are high and probably lifetime investments, people tends to consider more about their service providers.

So that's why we need an all in one platform for construction industry services so that clients are able to find serious service providers in the industry. And also the clients don't have to go around searching for service providers while they can find all serious sellers at a single place.

So all our account holders are beneficial from a huge potential customers. Maintaining your profile and keeping it up to date, helps you to stand out within the platform. And with our membership you'll be able to save most of your other marketing budgets but still be beneficial from a huge engagement through our platform.

As a wise man once said,

If you want to understand how a lion hunts, don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle.

~ Jim Stengel

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