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Applying for Chartered Professional Badge

Chartered member verification is a manual process. We manually review your account details and verify if the necessary requirements are met.


  1. You need to be a registered chartered member of a professional organization in Sri Lanka
  2. You need a Tegola professional account

Upon verification you'll be getting a badge (eg: Chartered Architect ), which will appear in your profile and search results.

Let's go through the verification procedure for each profession.


Architects will be verified through SLIA architects directory website. Corporate members of SLIA who have registered at ARB (Architects Registration Board) are eligible to apply for this badge.

If you have finished creating your Tegola account, send an email to from the email address you used to create your account. Set the subject as "Applying for Chartered badge". Include the link to your SLIA Directory profile inside the email.


You may or may not have created your Tegola professional account using the same email address you provided for SLIA directory.

If you have used the same email address to create your Tegola account, your account will be verified as a "Chartered Architect" immediately after the manual verification. Otherwise, we may need to verify any other information included in your SLIA profile. Specify your preferred method in the email, and we'll contact you if further verification is required.

Civil Engineers

This section will be updated soon.

Quantity Surveyors

This section will be updated soon.

Landscape Architects

This section will be updated soon.