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Features in Your Account

This article explains different features you can find inside your Tegola account, and how to manage those features. This page has useful information for those who already have a service-provider account in, and are ready to complete the profile. If you don't have an account in yet, click here to register before moving forward.

If you need more info regarding account creation, click here to learn more. If you have already created your account, let’s proceed to complete your profile! 🙂

First, greetings for making the first step in building your career in This article will guide you through completing your profile to get the maximum benefit of the platform.

Profile Picture

This will appear in both profile and projects search results. For Professional, Individual, Fresh Graduate and Undergraduate accounts you may add a photo of your face. For companies, you can add your company logo here.

Resolution of the profile picture is expected to be at least 150px Ă— 150px.

To add/edit your profile, click on the camera icon () on the profile image. Then, click or drag and drop an image on the rectangular drop-zone to upload it. Use the slider to zoom in/out of the image and frame it properly. Then click on “Save changes”.

Cover Image

Cover image will appear in your profile view and custom share image (for eligible accounts).

The optimum size of the cover image is 1350px Ă— 200px for desktop view. In mobile view, height is fixed at 200px and the width will be adjusted automatically, maintaining the center point.

To add/edit your cover image, click on the “Change Cover Photo” icon on the top left corner of the cover image. In the pop up menu, click or drag and drop an image on the rectangular drop-zone to upload it. se the slider to zoom in/out of the image and frame it properly. Then click on “Save changes”.


It’s better to add a cover image in desktop view to get a clear idea about how it appears. Add one or a collage of your previous project images as the cover photo, to give the viewer a sense of credibility on your services.


It’s better not to use any advertising material here, for maintaining the professionalism.


Select the languages you use. This helps clients to find service providers using their language. To edit language settings, click edit icon () near your address and select the languages from the pop up menu. Then click the “Save Changes” button.

Map location

This helps clients to find your exact location. When you create your profile, it only takes your location only if you have ticked the check box below the map. You can also edit this setting in your profile view.

To update your location, click on the edit icon () within the map view. Then place the marker on the correct location. Use the and buttons at the bottom right corner to zoom in and out the map view. Click on “Update Location”. To toggle your location visibility, click on the “Hide Location” or “Show Location” button.


Professional, individual, fresh graduate and undergraduate accounts have this feature. Qualifications acts as an indicator to show your level of education and having them improves the quality of your profile as well.

To add, remove or edit qualifications, click on the edit icon () at the top right corner of the “Qualifications” box. Type a qualification name and the institute and click on the “” button to add it. You can add multiple qualifications using the same method.

The maximum number of qualifications allowed to add depends on the account type.

Account Type Qualifications
Professional 15
Individual 8
Fresh Graduate 10
Undergraduate 10


Only paid company accounts have this feature. Certifications are a great way to convey that you follow industry standards and maintain a genuine business.

To add your company certifications, click on the edit icon () at the top right corner of the “Certifications” box. Type the certification in the textbox and click on the “” button to add it. System only saves the data only if the “” icon is clicked.

The maximum number of certifications allowed to add, depends on the selected company plan.


Professionals, companies, individuals and fresh graduates have this feature. You can add any related awards to showcase your talents and to improve the quality of your profile.

To add awards, click on the edit icon () at the top right corner of the “Awards” tab. Enter all the requested details of an award such as award name, description, year and the ceremony name in the textboxes. Then click on “Add Award” button to add it. You can add multiple awards using the same method. After adding all the awards, click on the “Save Changes” button to submit all the changes made.

Maximum number of awards allowed for an account depends on the account type.

Account Type Awards
Professional 25
Company Depends on Account Plan
Individual 8
Fresh Graduate 10


Cover Statement

A single sentence that describes all your hard work, concept styles or experience. This will also appear in profile search results. Length should be within 500 characters.

Profile Description

Here’s the main description of your profile. You have 5000 characters to describe all about you, your talents, your concepts, awards, your journey and anything else noteworthy.

Special Facts

Everyone has their own uniqueness. This is your space for that. All the accounts are similarly privileged with 8 maximum of special facts with 80 characters each.


This feature is available only for fresh graduates and undergraduates accounts. Add your special skills and software skills according to the main category you selected. That way, you will be receiving projects from professionals/companies that needs a relevant skillset.

Services Provided

Professionals, companies and individuals have this as a feature. Once you select your main categories, you can select their sub-categories here. Clients can filter search results by services, and this will be used to show your profile in search results only for the services you provide.

The number of categories you can select, depends on your account type. But you can select any number of services under each category.

Account Type Awards
Professional Upto 3 categories
Company Depends on Account Plan
Individual Upto 3 categories


All the accounts are privileged with 4 featured images. This will appear in profile search results. Since an image could explain more than 1000 words, these images are very critical and impacts on the number of your profile visits. To add this, first select a category from the drop down menu and click on “Add your TOP 4 project images” button. You may add a different collection of featured images for each category.

Uploaded images will be compressed and resized to 330px Ă— 198px to match the image container. Add your most attractive project images here.


It’s better not to use any advertising material here, for maintaining the professionalism.


Adding your projects to your profile is one of the key features in Since Tegola provides dedicated projects search results, you could maximize your profile visits through attractive and genuine projects. First, select a category and then add your projects. The number of projects allowed per category, depends on your profile type.

Account Type Awards
Professional 20 per category
Company Depends on Account Plan
Individual 10 per category
Fresh Graduate 15 per category
Undergraduate 10 per category

Adding a Project

To add a project, first go to the project tab in your profile. Click on "" icon with green background. You should see a pop up window to enter your project details.

Project Name

Add a name to your project here.


Here’s your space to describe everything related to the project. You may add project background, client requirements, challenges you had to face, how you managed to overcome them, materials and products used or anything else noteworthy.


To add project duration, click on the “Select Combination” drop-down menu and select the most suitable combination for your project duration. Then you can add your duration accordingly.

Project Cost (LKR)

Adding the project cost is optional. You can either add it or leave it empty. You can add a project cost using suffixes K, M or even B (Eg: 200, 20K, 5M)


Adding your project cost helps to show your project, when filtered by cost in search results.

Project Location

Project location is where your project is situated or where you made the commitment. First select the district from the drop-down menu and then the city.

Project Images

This is the most important part compared to all of the above. Photos are living proof of your effort and creativity. These images will appear in your profile, profile search results and also they might appear in our homepage too. The number of images allowed for a single project, depends on the profile type.

Account Type Awards
Professional 8 per project
Company Depends on Account Plan
Individual 5 per project
Fresh Graduate 7 per project
Undergraduate 6 per project


To add higher quality images, get the help of a professional photographer whenever possible. For best quality, upload images with 717px Ă— 1050px resolution.

In preview, the height of an image will be fixed to the image container height (480px) and the width will be cropped if it exceeds the container width of 703px.


With tegola you can save any project or a profile for your later reference by clicking on the “Save” button in projects and profiles. Once saved, you’ll see them in this “Favourite” tab.

To remove a saved profile or project:

  • Desktop view hover the mouse on it and click on remove button
  • Mobile view touch and hold on it and then tap on remove button


Change Password

To change your account password, you need to add your current password and your new password twice to verify. Then click on the “Confirm” button.

Delete Account

Deleting will unpublish your account and all your profile data and your account will be deleted permanently. If it’s a paid account, then your subscription will also be cancelled.

To delete your account, first click on the “Delete Account” button. Then insert your account password and click on the “Delete My Account” button.