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Frequently asked questions

Why is my map location not visible?

When creating your account it only takes the map location if and only if the check box below map location which states “Above map location is correct”, is clicked. Unless you’ll see a “You haven't set your map location yet or it is not publicly visible” test above the map location in profile view.

To fix this, click on the edit icon in the map view box in profile view, Make sure the green colour pin is pointed to your correct location. If not drag and drop it to the correct location. Use the plus and minus buttons at the bottom right corner to zoom in and out the map view. After precisely pointing your location, click on the “Update location” button and then click on the “Show location” button.

Now your location is publicly visible.

Click here for more information on location settings.

I can’t add more projects to my profile. Why?

The maximum number of projects allowed per category is limited by the profile type. If you have already reached the maximum limit, then you won’t be able to add more projects.

The limit for each account type is shown below.

Professional accounts : 20 per category Company accounts : Depend on the Plan Individual accounts : 10 per category Fresh graduate accounts : 15 per category Undergraduate accounts : 10 per category

Do I have to pay to create a profile in Tegola?

Currently we only offer paid accounts for companies. If you are an industry professional, Individual, fresh graduate or an undergraduate you can maintain your profile free of charge in Even for company accounts, we have a free plan for startups and small scale businesses.

Click here for company plans.

What are the available payment methods to create a company account?

You can use both Visa and Master cards to make payments. PayHere is used as our payment gateway which is a central bank approved payment method to process online payments.

Currently we offer only monthly and yearly subscription plans for paid accounts. These subscriptions are valid for a minimum of two years without a renewal. But after that period you may have to resubscribe to experience our upgraded features.