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Growing With Tegola

How to grow your business with Tegola is a service based online platform dedicated to local construction and home industry. Companies who cater to our local construction industry providing any related services, are eligible to create and maintain a profile in Tegola. Hence you will be exposed to huge potential audience who seeks for service providers like you 🙂

The top gain you'll have by maintaining a profile in is that you will be found by people when they are in need. You know that's what should be the scenario in Construction industry. (Learn more on paid memberships)

Here we have brought you few tips on how to maintain a great profile in

First things first

The very first thing you need to do is taking a forward step and create a profile in We highly encourage you to go with a paid membership which allows you to play with more features and help more people to find you. If have done this part already, congratulations! you have already started the game.

Don't have an account yet? No worries, take the first step before making it to the next one.

Fill all the voids

Great! Now you have a Profile in But is that all? Nope, there are few other ways which helps you to stand against the crowd. So in the second tip we invite you to complete your profile. Once you finished creating your account you can sign in to the account and build your profile. Your profile will be speaking to your customers on behalf of you. So let your clients know that you are serious in this case. Fill all the parts with genuine information and make sure your profile is simple and smart at a glance.

Great Covers, More Clients

Your profile cover speaks to your clients even before they visit your profile. So make sure your cover is smart and attractive. Tell them what makes you different or may be your uniqueness. Or anything which brings your clients to your profile

Let your Projects speak

Projects act a major role in There is a project based filtering section which enables clients to search service providers who have experience in similar projects. So make sure you add a complete review on your previous projects to your profile.

It's the Photographer's job always value quality and real images. Make sure you use quality images in your projects, Cover image and featured images. Don't use leaflet or advertisement type images specially in projects category. It's a good idea to get the assistance of a professional photographer in covering your projects.

Be in the Game

Always keep updating your recent works in your profile. Add your recent projects and add any new featuring of your company.

Sooner The Better

Finally the day you create your profile matters in In our continuously developing search results algorithm depends on tons of factors. The age of your profile is one of them. So make sure you create your profile as soon as possible. Bhalagiri will not be your friend in Tegola 🙂

That's it. We wish you all the best for your business career with

Create your profile TODAY!