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Finding a match

We're glad you made it this far. You got to know about somehow, and you made the commitment and came to this page. Let us suppose you are going to start your dream construction project; and you look for genuine and trustworthy service providers (SPs) for your project. Yes, you have come to the right place. This article will guide you how to find the best SPs for your project in

Step 1 - Create a profile

Having a profile, benefits you in many ways. Thus, create an account in to get the best out of our platform.

This section explains only about creating a Client account. If you are a service provider, click here to read on creating a SP account. An SP account have all the privileges of a Client account.

To create a Client account, click on the “Sign up” button from the homepage. Then choose the “Create a Client account” button.

Fill all the text boxes with your personal or company information. Provide a valid email address and a strong password (should be greater than 6 characters). Then click on the “Sign up” button. Now your account should be created. You may enter your credentials to log in. After successful authentication, you are good to go.

Any of your saved profiles or projects will appear in the “Favorite” tab. Find “Settings” tab to change your password and more settings.

Step 2 - Finding perfect match

All the services in are divided into 3 major categories

  • Start Building: Services you need to start your projects
  • Make Improvements: Services you need to make improvements to your project
  • Keep Maintaining: Services you need to keep maintaining your project

According to your target, click on one of the three categories. Then, select the services you wish to find an SP for.

Now you will receive profile results for the selected category.

Step 3 - Using the filter section

In the filtering panel there are 2 major tabs named “Profiles” and “Projects”. In the “Profiles” tab, you can compare between profiles and pick the best fit. In the “Projects” tab, you get to compare previous projects of SPs and make a good decision.

Profiles tab


Select your location to filter SPs by your location. Search results will show you SPs who are nearby to your city or the district.

Experience (Years)

Use the slider to select a year, and you will receive profile results that indicate a higher experience level than your selection. To be clear if you select No.4, then you’ll get SPs who have at least 4 years of experience in their profession.


if you select "4", you will get SPs who are indicating at least 4 years of experience in their profile.

Select SPs

Let's assume you see “Professional” and “Company” in here. It means there are industry professionals and companies who provide that service. If you prefer to go with professionals only, check () on “Professional”. You can check on “Company” to get company-only profiles in search results.


This breaks down the service category you selected in the dropdown menu into sub-services. By selecting one sub service, the system gives you all the SPs who provide that sub service. This helps you to find SPs who provide the exact service you are looking for.


This option filters the search results by languages of SP.

Projects tab


Use this to filter projects by location. This helps you to find SPs who have already completed projects in your region.


Use 5 sliders to filter projects according to their project duration. You’ll get projects which are completed prior to a selected time duration.

Select SPs

You can filter projects by the SP account type. Suppose you see “Company” and “Individual” in here, and you check the “Company” checkbox. Then you will get only the projects published by Company accounts.

Cost range

You can filter projects by their cost. Here you can enter values with K, M or B suffixes (Eg: 200K, 50M). Then you’ll get projects with that cost range. But there might be projects which were added with an unspecified budget. Those projects won’t be visible here.


This filters projects by the language their SP speaks.

Step 4 - Compare profiles

You learned how to use the filtering settings to filter profiles or projects according to your preference. Now let’s dive deep into comparing the profiles.

You can view a profile by hovering the cursor on a profile tile and clicking on the profile picture (or the “See more...” button). In mobile view, simply clicking on the “See more...”.

In the projects filter, click on a project and then click “View Profile” button at the bottom right corner of the pop up window. In mobile view, click on a project and then click on the “View Profile” button at the bottom to open the profile.


You can use the landscape view in mobile to view the full size images of a project.

Once you visit a profile, “Overview” tab gives you an overall idea about their experience, capacity, talent, and many more. You can also visit the “Projects” tab to see their previous projects. Compare between several profiles and pick a best fit.

The choice is 100% yours 🙂

That’s it for now. We wish you all the success in your projects!